A doctor's smart medical assistant

An app that improves productivity and quality of care

Soon on every platform

With you at your desk and at the patient's bedside.

Web App

All major browsers are supported including Internet Explorer. Open it at your clinic, the hospital or at home and seamlessly import and export the info you need with your electronic medical record.

Mobile Apps

Use your iPad or Android Tablet to enhance your bedside care and take notes on the go. With Plexus Med, your chart note will be written even before you leave the patient's room all while seamlessly syncing with Plexus Med's web app.

Electronic Medical Records that we will integrate with

And many more!

Some of the features

A glimpse of what's coming

Smart suggestions

Intelligent and personalized suggestions of questions, diagnoses, treatments, etc.

EMR integration

Easy integration with your
electronic medical records.

Automatic chart note

Automatic redaction of medical chart note in language of your choice.

Patient questionnaire

Interactive questionnaire before the consultation in the patient's language.

Powerful data visualization

Allows you to have a global view of your patients and their data.

Structured data

Each sign, symptom, diagnosis, treatment has associated SNOMED, ICD-10, ICD-9 and UMLS codes.

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